[gtld-tech] Call for Presentations for TechDay 26 at ICANN Singapore

Dr Eberhard Lisse el at lisse.NA
Thu Nov 27 08:11:29 UTC 2014


As usual we shall be organizing TechDay on Monday of the coming
ICANN meeting in Singapore.

This time we are considering to try and demonstrate how to generate
DNSSEC keys in low cost smartcards which can be used in openDNSSEC
and the like.  Not a signing ceremony proper, but with a write-up so
it is a step towards fully auditable procedures.

We'll ask for a (or the same) room for Sunday (afternoon), so we can
practice :-)-O

Please submit ideas for presentations to the list addresses where
this message appears or to any of the following email addresses:

el at lisse.na ondrej.filip at nic.cz

As we have a very small budget presenters are responsible for their
own transport and room and board, though we might be able to assist
the most riveting proposal :-)-O

As the name suggests, talks must be of a technical (or operational,
perhaps even administrative) nature, and should revolve around TLDs,
but otherwise we are quite open.

African participants are in particular encouraged to present, as are
of course Asians :-)-O

Please forward this to gNSO and other lists as well :-)-O


Dr. Eberhard W. Lisse  \        / Obstetrician & Gynaecologist (Saar)
el at lisse.NA            / *     |   Telephone: +264 81 124 6733 (cell)
PO Box 8421             \     /
Bachbrecht, Namibia     ;____/

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