[gtld-tech] weirds bootstrap, was Search Engines Indexing RDAP Server Content

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Sun Feb 7 16:33:02 UTC 2016

In article <56B740BA.6070208 at posix.co.za> you write:
>It would be great if "old" gTLD's did the same thing.... and even
>ccTLD's for that matter.

We went through this in great length in WEIRDS, and I'd encourage you
to review the mailing list archive.  We considered a bunch of in-band
signals such as reserved names and SRV records, but we decided that we
couldn't tell zone operators, particularly ccTLD zone operators, what
to put in their zone files.  I'm not thrilled with what we came up
with, but having written an IP address RDAP client I'm using in small
scale production, I can report that it works fine and the coding is
not difficult.

I'd be happy if the gTLDs just kept the info in the IANA database up
to date.  I'm looking at you, Verisign.


PS: For all of your gTLD WHOIS location needs, check out
<tld>.ws.sp.am.  Now with DNSSEC!

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