[gtld-tech] Draft RDAP Operational Profile for gTLD Registries and Registrars

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I don't think rate limiting necessarily falls under tiered access. In this context tiered access means granting different views to different classes of users, which then requires identification of the user. 

I suppose one might say that a registry or registrar could have different rate limits for different IP addresses and that doing so constitutes tiered access. But I don't know of any registry doing such and think such would be discouraged, if not prohibited, by ICANN except in abuse scenarios. 

Ann Hammond

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>b) Because there has not been a consensus policy on the deployment of tiered access, if a registry wants to deploy tiered access they'll
>need to ask for a contractual waiver/amendment
>c) Registries have asked for and been granted amendments permitting/requiring tiered access without any policy process.

Approximately every registry and registrar appears to have tiered
access to their port 43 servers, if only in ways that relax or remove
rate limits.  Do they all have waivers?


PS: That's a real question.  I have no idea.
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