[gtld-tech] Registrar Expiration Date I-D

Thomas Corte Thomas.Corte at knipp.de
Wed Jan 27 18:34:02 UTC 2016


On 27/01/2016 18:48, Andrew Sullivan wrote:

>> Alternatively, the "Registry Expiry Date" Whois field could be renamed to
>> "Registry Renewal Date", which (for auto-renewing registries) reflects
>> the real meaning much better and sounds less worrying to clueless
>> registrants.
> I can see some advantage there, but the basic problem is that it
> requires the registrant to have some sort of model of how the
> registration business works; to the extent the registrant is wrong, it
> gets a bad picture of how things are going to work.

The main problem is that, unlike most other industries, the domain
business publicly exposes (via the registry's Whois) data of its
"wholesale" vendors to end customers.
Not understanding that data has the potential to worry them.

If I could see that e.g. my electricity company's contract with its
supplier is about to end (without knowing for sure it's going to be
renewed), I might get worried, too.


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