[gtld-tech] Do not implement before date in CL&D and RDAP profile

Jody Kolker jkolker at godaddy.com
Thu Jul 14 11:13:58 UTC 2016

I agree with Theo; my understanding was that RDAP profile was a Registry requirement also, not a registrar requirement.

Jody Kolker

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Hi Francisco,

 From my understanding on the call this RDAP profile is a Registry requirement right? Least that was the key take away for me from the last session this week.

Thank you,


Michele Neylon - Blacknight schreef op 2016-07-14 03:23 AM:
> This is contrary to how changes are normally implemented and I suspect 
> quite a few of us would have issues with this.
> These kind of changes are of zero benefit to registrars and are only 
> implemented as a contractual obligation. Imposing further restrictions 
> on when we can implement them has a non-zero impact on us, so I would 
> oppose this
> Regards
> Michele
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>> On 13 Jul 2016, at 21:20, Francisco Arias <francisco.arias at icann.org>
>> wrote:
>> Dear colleagues,
>> As you may recall the gTLD RDAP profile and Thick Whois policy 
>> implementation – Consistent Labeling and Display (CL&D for short) are 
>> synchronized and have a proposed effective date of 1 February 2017.
>> This means enforcement would start on that date. However, in 
>> monitoring compliance with a given policy or contractual requirement 
>> we also need time to develop our tools and be able to *not* report 
>> false compliance issues (e.g., our current tool would raise an issue 
>> if it encounters the new Whois output that is specified in CL&D). We 
>> need to update that tool to avoid that issue from happening.
>> We’d like to add to both CL&D and the RDAP profile a “do not 
>> implement before” date to avoid the aforementioned issue. We are 
>> thinking we are going to need approximately four months to 
>> update/build our tools be able to identify the updated Whois output 
>> and RDAP output. That would give contracted parties approximately a 
>> two-month window for release before the effective. We are planning to 
>> add such a date to the documents, unless there is a reason why people think we should not.
>> Regards,
>> --
>> Francisco

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