[gtld-tech] Do not implement before date in CL&D and RDAP profile

Benoit Levac benoit.levac at rightside.co
Tue Jul 19 16:21:49 UTC 2016


I have a few questions regarding your email before I can express an opinion
as to whether the dates should be added or not to the documents.

1 - I don't recall seeing a proposed effective date of February 1st 2017 on
the RDAP profile discussions, or anywhere else.  When was this date

2 - According to a note on page 15 of the latest red line of the RDAP
profile, "Thick Whois Policy that covers the transition of .com, .jobs and
.net gTLDs from thin to thick Whois will define an implementation date for
Registrars to offer an RDAP service for registrations under these TLDs." .
By adding the February 1st 2017 date to the CL&D (Thick Whois Policy), I
want to confirm whether that includes registrar WHOIS for .COM, .NET and
.JOB per the comment in the RDAP Profile, or whether those are separate

3 - By "do not implement before date", do you mean the date by when
Registries and Registrars have to comply with the 2 mentioned policies?  If
so, isn't it more of a "MUST implement by" date?  I assume that is the date
when you would start monitoring for compliance?

4 - When you say you will need 4 months to implement your RDDS monitoring,
do you mean from now?  From February 1st 2017?  I'm not sure I understand
how that gives us 2 months.  2 months from what date?

5 - To be clear, what would be our final compliance date to have RDAP
service fully operational per the RDAP profile?

Thank you.


On Wed, Jul 13, 2016 at 6:18 PM, Francisco Arias <francisco.arias at icann.org>

> Dear colleagues,
> As you may recall the gTLD RDAP profile and Thick Whois policy
> implementation – Consistent Labeling and Display (CL&D for short) are
> synchronized and have a proposed effective date of 1 February 2017. This
> means enforcement would start on that date. However, in monitoring
> compliance with a given policy or contractual requirement we also need time
> to develop our tools and be able to *not* report false compliance issues
> (e.g., our current tool would raise an issue if it encounters the new Whois
> output that is specified in CL&D). We need to update that tool to avoid
> that issue from happening.
> We’d like to add to both CL&D and the RDAP profile a “do not implement
> before” date to avoid the aforementioned issue. We are thinking we are
> going to need approximately four months to update/build our tools be able
> to identify the updated Whois output and RDAP output. That would give
> contracted parties approximately a two-month window for release before the
> effective. We are planning to add such a date to the documents, unless
> there is a reason why people think we should not.
> Regards,
> --
> Francisco

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