[gtld-tech] [Ext] TMCH Test-SMDs expired...

Brian Mountford mountford at google.com
Wed Aug 30 20:55:55 UTC 2017

Gustavo et al.,

I have been trying to update our system to use the new test SMD files, and
wanted to make sure I'm not missing something (which is certainly possible,
as I am not an expert in all this).

Looking at the contents of the old and new SMD test files
(Court-Agent-Arabic-Active.smd in particular), they both contain the same
embedded certificate, the one whose string begins with "MIIFLz". That
certificate is valid from June 26, 2013 to June 25, 2018. So even though
the new test files say they are valid from August 23 of this year until
July 10, 2023, won't they cease to function properly after next June? Would
it make sense to generate test files with a longer useful life? Or am I


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