[gtld-tech] Call for Presentations TechDay ICANN63 Barcelona

Dr Eberhard W Lisse el at lisse.NA
Tue Aug 21 18:54:47 UTC 2018

                         Draft Call for Presentations
                                38th TechDay
                                at ICANN 63
                               in Barcelona

The ICANN Tech Working Group is again planning a technical workshop at
the ICANN 63 meeting in Barçelona on Monday 2018-10-22

The TechDay workshop has been a part of ICANN meetings since 2006 and
has provided a forum for both experienced and new people to meet,
present and discuss technical topics related to registry and DNS work
and security.

We are specially interested in:

1. Planning for the Worst

We all know classic advice to have off-site backup or secondary
datacenters. What measure can be taken to lessen the impact when
disaster hits? Is it fine to let the registration system fail, while you
concentrate on keeping DNS service alive? But what about when disaster
does not hit you, but affects registrants somewhere else in the world?
Do you extend the registration period, to prevent domains from expiring
while they recover?

We are interested in presentations on how registries prepare themselves
for disaster, and especially encourage registries, that were struck by
disaster, to share their experiences.

2. In addition, we welcome suggestions for additional topics, such as;

* Registry security, services and systems
* DNS & anycast security, services and systems
* Big Data & associated data analysis
* IETF DNS protocol updates (Privacy, Encryption)
* (Recent) DDOS Attacks and Mitigation

If you are interested in presenting, please email
ccNSO-techday at icann.org

We hope that you can join us and request that you disseminate this
Request to other lists where it might of interest.

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