[gtld-tech] RDAP Entity Handle Question

Peter Davidson peter.davidson at appdetex.com
Mon Aug 27 19:28:18 UTC 2018

Hello All,
I'm implementing our RDAP Server as a registrar, not a registry and I've
run into a couple questions:

RFC7483 (RDAP JSON Response) defines handle as
  DNRs and RIRs have registry-unique identifiers that may be used to
specifically reference an object instance.  The semantics of this data type
as found in this document are to be a registry-unique reference to the
closest enclosing object where the value is found.  The data type names
"registryId", "roid", "nic-handle", "registrationNo", etc., are terms often
synonymous with this data type.

Should registrant, administrative and technical entities be returned for
domains at thin registries?  Since thin registries, such as com and net,
don't have handles, how should we generate the entity link?

Since handle is used in the /entity/XXXX query defined RDAP Query Format
[RFC7482], how should we treat handles that are non unique across

Thanks in advance

- Peter Davidson
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