[gtld-tech] CZDS timeouts / 503 issues?

John McCormac jmcc at hosterstats.com
Sun Apr 24 21:44:58 UTC 2022

On 24/04/2022 19:31, John Levine wrote:
> It appears that John McCormac via gtld-tech <jmcc at hosterstats.com> said:
>> Is anyone else seeing an increasing number of timeouts waiting for
>> responses, timesouts waiting for authentication, 503s on the CZDS while
>> downloading? It has been happening for a while now with some days having
>> no issues but others, such as today, having a lot.
> Lots. Yesterday while doing downloads from a virtual server at AWS, 80
> of them failed with 502 errors when doing the HEAD to see if they
> changed and .com was truncated. Five of them failed again when it
> retried, they all finally worked on the third try.
> I'm also seeing frequent 503 and even 404 errors in the scripts that check
> for renewals.
> ICANN knows about this but they have been unable to figure out what's wrong or to fix it.

I reduced the number of parallel sessions today and finally ran a single 
session. It was much more stable and managed to download the remaining 
files without problems. Could it be multiple problems? A software 
problem (session handling or concurrent users) and a hardware problem 
(backend network or storage issue)?

Still seeing sporadic failures on the web UI now.

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