[gtld-tech] ZFA access to .MTR

Adrian Wiedemann awiedemann at bfk.de
Fri Sep 2 08:42:52 UTC 2022

Did anyone get approval for the .MTR zonefile recently? Our requests for 
renweal are (repeatedly) denied with:


Requester did not provide correct or legitimate credentials (explain why)


This gTLD is only for internal use. Thanks

Complaint has been filed.

Best regards, Adrian Wiedmeann

BFK edv-consulting GmbH       http://www.bfk.de/
Kriegsstrasse 100             tel: +49-721-96201-1
D-76133 Karlsruhe             fax: +49-721-96201-99
Geschäftsführer: Christoph Fischer HRB105469 Mannheim
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