[gtld-tech] Svelte CZDS zone files?

John R Levine johnl at taugh.com
Wed Sep 14 02:35:06 UTC 2022

>> Changing it to work by AXFR/IXFR would be quite a challenge.
> On ICANN’s side, what more would it require standing up a name server 
> and sharing TSIG keys?  If DNS UPDATE were also implemented, it would 
> address the timeliness issue (if the registries were willing to play 
> along).

Due to the three month expiry, I doubt that any two clients have access to 
the same set of zones, which would make ACL management pretty exciting, 
particularly since I believe the credentials are stored in some SSO thing 
from Okta.  There's over a thousand zones and there's certainly over a 
thousand users, so we're talking about ACLs with more than a million 

Also, based on some of the chatter here, I suspect that a many of of the 
users do not have the expertise to run a secondary DNS server and manage 
TSIGs.  A lot of CZDS users log into a web site and point and click to 
download files.

> Of course, CZDS users would likely need to change their code.  However, 
> this wouldn’t have to be either/or — both could be done with the benefit 
> of using IXFR being only getting the diffs (and, potentially better 
> timeliness).

Viktor and I can do whatever we need to, but I don't think that scales. 
The automatic scripted stuff is somewhat documented for the daily 
downloads, and not at all for all the other stuff like extensions and 

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