[gtld-tech] Registrar 999x domains x Claims notices

Eduardo Alvarez eduardo.alvarez at icann.org
Sat Feb 4 00:48:55 UTC 2023

Hello Rubens, 

Can you clarify which claims log you are referring to? Otherwise I think this might help address your question since the TMCH functional specifications (https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/html/draft-ietf-regext-tmch-func-spec-15) largely rely in the term of "effective allocation" of domain names. If we refer to the definitions provided it is stated that:

   *  Effective allocation: A DN is considered effectively allocated
      when the DN object for the DN has been created in the SRS of the
      Registry and has been assigned to the effective user.  A DN object
      in status "pendingCreate" or any other status that precedes the
      first time a DN is assigned to an end-user is not considered an
      effective allocation.  A DN object created internally by the
      Registry for subsequent delegation to another Registrant is not
      considered an effective allocation.

Domain names reserved by the registry operator under IANA IDs 9998 and 9999 would therefore not be considered effective allocations. 

--Eduardo A.

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    Hi there. 

    My understanding was that registrar 999x (9999/9998) registrations do not require a claims service, even if the label is in the TMDB claims list. 
    But I couldn't find this specify in the RPM requirements... is it right or wrong ? 

    What was my original doubt though was about sending that such registration happened to the claims log. So assuming it does not require a notice, does it need to be recorded in the claims log ?


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