[Internal-cg] U.S. Government Funding Bill & ANA Transition

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Thu Dec 11 20:11:31 UTC 2014

I am not directly in touch with Washington people because I am traveling, but I fear the situation is a bit worse than Adiel and Jari have described. 

The funding cutoff is intended to just stop the NTIA from doing the transition. This means that assuming NTIA gets a proposal from us more or less on time, they cannot do anything with it (unless they take it home and work on their own time) until after Sept 30, 2015. 

Furthermore, since Republicans now control Congress the cutoff could be extended again given the right conditions. 

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> Just read this, and wondering if anyone has more insider information about
> what it means to this process? My reading is that the transition process
> cannot start before 30 September 2015. Which in my sense is not that
> alarming as much as it effectively starts then (it is a transition process). The
> other part that caught my attention is the fact that the NTIA is required to
> inform Congress 45 days prior to extending the IANA contract or taking any
> other decision in regard to it. Which means that the NTIA will have up to the
> 15th of August 2015 to evaluate the proposal we will submit, in order to
> present their suggested action to Congress. That gives them only 15 formal
> days from the time we have planned to submit our proposal. If we build in
> the 14 days given to ICANN board to assess and deliver this to the NTIA ... I
> don't see how we will achieve the target without putting emphasis right now
> on the fact that our published timeline has to be executed as a waterfalls
> process where many things has to be done in parallel, particularly toward
> then end.
> - a.

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