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For Q15, Manal is right about running behind the moving train. But I now
realise that the answer is very ICANN centric!  In part this is
corrected in the next question, but I would suggest that  this question
should look at the operational communities and those directly engaged
with them (GAC, ALAC...), while the next question could then refer to
addressing those who do not take part, but will be affected - the
business community, ccTLDs that are not in ICANN etc

MM: It seems then that the "real" answer to this question is that the
Operational communities themselves should play a major role in the
outreach to relevant non-ICANN communities


MI: I fully agree .. and that's why I suggested  to add
"Inclusiveness/Outreach - check the level of inclusiveness and outreach
of the provided process" to the criteria of individual proposals
assessment, to make sure the Operational communities considers this
seriously and play an active/proactive role in outreach ..

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