ICANN to generate new KSK

James Mitchell james.mitchell at iana.org
Thu Feb 29 00:20:13 UTC 2024

ICANN has announced the schedule to generate the next KSK.

Generating a new KSK restarts the process announced last year, which was suspended after it was identified that a supplier of key equipment used to store the KSK (known as a Hardware Security Module, or HSM) would be exiting the business during the expected lifespan of the new KSK.

The next KSK will be generated on new Thales Luna USB G7 HSMs.

The announcement and information regarding the new HSMs is published at https://www.icann.org/en/announcements/details/icann-to-generate-new-dns-cryptographic-key-at-april-2024-ceremony-28-02-2024-en.

James Mitchell
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