[Spec13-request] Spec 13 Application by .food

Volker Greimann volker at greimann.org
Wed Oct 7 08:45:34 UTC 2015


thank you for providing me with the opportunity of commenting on this 
application, which I am doing on a personal capacity.

The application should be rejected as the TLD string does not qualify 
under the requirements of the specification as it is:

"a string consisting of a word or term that denominates or describes a 
general class of goods, services, groups, organizations or things, as 
opposed to distinguishing a specific brand of goods, services, groups, 
organizations or things from those of others"

Food is as generic as it gets, describing a general class of goods every 
living being on earth needs to survive on a daily basis. Allowing such a 
string to be monopolized by a single service provider in the food 
industry would contrary to the claims of the applicant cause more user 
confusion and allow one provider to dominate the public presentation and 
outreach regarding such an important ressource.

Having negotiated with the Brand Applicant Group with regard to the 
initial comment rejecting Spec 13 altogether, I feel confident in 
stating that both the Brand Applicant Group and the participating 
registrars issuing the comment critical of the initial Spec 13 intended 
to prevent use cases of the specification like this.

We therefore kindly request that ICANN refuse the application on the 
grounds of the applied-for string not meeting the requirements of the spec.

Best regards,

Volker Greimann
GNSO Counsellor (RrSG)

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