[Spec13-request] .food generic

David Johnson david.q.johnson at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 15:13:57 UTC 2015

I think .food should be allowed to be a dot brand. We all know the food
network. They are famous and have a lot of power. Why not allow them
trademark rights on this generic word. This will set a good precedence that
ICANN allows generic words to be brands and allow other generic words in
the future to be captured. Just because the word is in the dictionary
doesn't mean that everyone should have access to register in it. Let people
register in dot eat or some other TLD if they want a food domain. Brands
should have more power in ICANN. Same goes for .apple, just because apple
farmers want access to that TLD doesn't mean they should be allowed. Brands
are more important then everyone on earth. This is why Ford motor company
got the rights to an entire A block of IP addresses ( in the early
days. Once it is done, it can never be undone. So slip in this decision
quickly before people can complain. Please give brands more power!
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