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Williams, Annaliese Annaliese.Williams at communications.gov.au
Thu Oct 29 08:45:44 UTC 2015


The Australian Government issued an Early Warning to Lifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc on the grounds that 'food' is a common generic term, and that restricting common generic strings, such as .food, for the exclusive use of a single entity could have a negative impact on competition.  The GAC subsequently advised in its Beijing Communique of April 2013 that for strings representing generic terms, exclusive registry access should serve a public interest goal.

The Australian Government does not consider that Lifestyle Domain Holdings' application to operate .food for its exclusive use serves a public interest goal.

According to Specification 13 section 9.1, .Brand TLDs are TLDs where the TLD is not a Generic String TLD (as defined in Specification 11).  Specification 11 section 3.d states that ' "Generic String" means a string consisting of a word or term that denominates or describes a general class of goods, services, groups, organizations or things, as opposed to distinguishing a specific brand of goods, services, groups, organizations or things from those of others.'  On this basis, and as 'food' would denominate or describe a general class of food goods or services we consider that .food does not meet the criteria for a .brand TLD.

Annaliese Williams
Australian Government GAC representative


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