[Spec13-request] Comments on .food spec 13

Mr. Michele Neylon michele.neylon at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 18:45:09 UTC 2015

Dear Sir / Madam

I am submitting these comments in my personal capacity and not on behalf of
any group.

ICANN should deny this request.

The term “food” is a generic string under ICANN’s definition and no one
company should be granted exclusive rights to it.

I was one of the people who raised this sort of issue with ICANN back in
2013. See, for example:


And my opinion on this has not changed.

The “food” sector is huge and no one company should have control of the
namespace that defines it.

Ireland, for example, has a thriving food production industry. See for


There are hundreds of businesses listed on that site and each one of them
should have the option to use a .food domain name, which granting .food
spec 13 status would deny them




Mr Michele Neylon
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