[technology taskforce] ICANN 57 Hyderabad app survey

Justine Chew justine.chew at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 16:06:14 UTC 2016

Ref: https://goo.gl/forms/UKoRKjeOlWNozGJy1

Hi Glenn, et al

My feedback on the survey:

1. Which app is the survey being targeted for? The mobi version or the
Sched version? Perhaps a short introduction explaining the difference
between the 2 apps and drawing attention to the 'correct' app for which
feedback is being obtained thereon would be appropriate.

2. Are the survey respondents meant to be anonymous? Do they have to be?
What if we wanted to follow up to clarify responses? Could we ask if
respondents would like to provide their names and email address for
purposes of the TTF seeking clarification, if any?


Justine Chew
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