[technology taskforce] Draft agenda for TTF session at ICANN60 and overview of TTF

Dev Anand Teelucksingh devtee at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 17:06:44 UTC 2017

Dear All,

The TTF has to submit a agenda by today for its one hour session at
ICANN60 and an blurb/overview of the TTF for inclusion on the ICANN
agenda pages.

Here's a draft agenda :

* Introduction to Technology Taskforce
* Update of selected projects
   - Policy Tracking
   - TTF recommendation to ALAC re: group chat
   - TTF wiki layout
   - Review/Report of Conferencing Solutions
* Selected Technology Issues Updates
   - upgrading the LACRALO mailing list translation tool
   - making At-Large conference calls playable on mobile devices
   - ICANN's Adobe Connect issues
* What are your Technology Issues in ICANN?
* AoB

and the "overview of the TTF"

"The Technology Taskforce (TTF) evaluates and reviews various
technologies and tools that can help the At-Large Community better
participate in ICANN. Examples of these technologies include: chat
tools, web conferencing tools, captioning, Knowledge Management tools.

At ICANN60, the Technology Taskforce will be presenting its work on
overcoming several technology issues facing the community and
discussing with ICANN Staff potential solutions and/or workarounds.

Anyone interested in Information and Communication Technology and how
they can be applied to solve the needs of ICANN At-Large and other
ICANN communities are welcome to attend and join the TTF."

Any thoughts on draft agenda and/or the overview?

Dev Anand

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