Bradley White bww+ at
Tue Jul 7 19:48:16 UTC 1992

> 1.  What's the right way to handle the duration of events (such as "Lent"
>     or "high tea")?

Might I suggest that as well as producing a "struct tm," the conversion
routine also provide some extra information about the date/time parsed.

This could include:

	- indications of which fields were explicitly given -v- those
	  that assumed default values (e.g. "14:30" results in the next
	  [or previous] 14:30 with all fields except hours and minutes
	  marked implicit),

	- relative times [+ and -] to indicate durations (e.g., those
	  strings above, or "1:30+-5", "18:30+1:00", or "tommorrow at
	  noon for two hours") [kind of like DCE/DTS's idea of inaccuracy,
	  but assymetric],

	- some indication of repetition (e.g., "every third Wednesday"
	  or "every July 4th").


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