Guy Harris guy at netapp.com
Thu Jan 18 05:56:10 UTC 1996

> Reported by Herbert Xu <herbert at greathan.apana.org.au>
> PRC abandoned daylight saving in 1992 or 1993 but currently the files do
> not reflect this change.

The latest version of the time zone data files appear to reflect this:

Rule	Shang	1928	only	-	Jan	 1	0:00	0	S
Rule	Shang	1940	only	-	Jun	 3	0:00	1:00	D
Rule	Shang	1940	1941	-	Oct	 1	0:00	0	S
Rule	Shang	1941	only	-	Mar	16	0:00	1:00	D
Rule	PRC	1949	only	-	Jan	 1	0:00	0	S
Rule	PRC	1986	only	-	May	 4	0:00	1:00	D
Rule	PRC	1986	1991	-	Sep	Sun>=11	0:00	0	S
Rule	PRC	1987	1991	-	Apr	Sun>=10	0:00	1:00	D

although earlier versions didn't, I think (the files in SunOS 5.4
doesn't, for example, and they're probably based on an earlier version).

The Debian project should make sure somebody's subscribed to the time
zone mailing list, should pick up newer versions of the code and data as
they're announced, and should probably pick up the latest versions now
and see whether they fix any of the *other* problems you reported; get
them by anonymous FTP from the "elsie.nci.nih.gov" site, in the "pub"
directory - get the files "tzcode96c.tar.gz" and "tzdata96a.tar.gz"
(unless newer ones come out by the time you get there).

(And yes, before you ask, we *are* picking up the latest versions of the
code and data for the next major release of software for our filer
boxes, so that they won't be as out-of-date as they currently are.)

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