Addition to time thread

Chris Carrier 72157.3334 at CompuServe.COM
Mon Nov 18 05:49:00 UTC 1996

If you think Microsoft's time bug is funny, here is a real-space time zone
situation I find even funnier.
At the South Pole, day and night each last for six months; sunrise is at the
September equinox, sunset at the March equinox, and the time of day in any
zone is meaningless.
However, the South Pole uses daylight saving time from the first Sunday in
October to the third Sunday in March!  The reason they do this is because they
want to stay on the same time as McMurdo Sound, which uses DST, and the reason
McMurdo uses DST is because they want to be on the same time as New Zealand,
which uses DST (NZDST=GMT+13:00) on the abovementioned dates.
Now that's funny!

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