tzdata1996l - Russian rules and names (both) are very broken

Андрей Чернов (Andrey A. Chernov) ache at
Wed Nov 20 07:01:21 UTC 1996

1) It seems you forget to reflect recent official Moscow timezone rule
change (Sep->Oct), I already send you update long time ago and you tell me
that it is commited.

2) I still see MOST cruft, instead of commonly used MSK/MSD...
I remember you agree to change those names back to MSK/MSD,
but nothing happens too.

Please fix this two problems and upload new tzdata1996m
as soon as possible stop incoming chaos with Russian zone.
It already hits: as first example wrong europe file was just commited
to FreeBSD distribution.

Andrey A. Chernov
<ache at>

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