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Stephen Eubank eubank at
Thu Sep 5 14:35:16 UTC 1996

Chris Carrier says:

> It was postulated that Japan would go on DST in 1996, probably using the
> American rules of 1st Sunday in April to last Sunday in October.  I just
> called AT&T and got back a time of GMT+9; therefore they are not on DST. 
> (This does not, however, preclude their going on DST this April 7 and then
> deciding to end DST earlier than planned.)

I have been living in Japan for a year and can confirm that there was no
DST this year. Also, although I can't read Japanese newspapers, it's worth
pointing out that there was absolutely no mention of the possibility of 
implementing DST in any English-language periodicals here, as far as I know.
The only place I've heard anything about the possibility is on this 
mailing list.  (Of course, this being Japan, perhaps such things are 
not discussed before they are announced :-))

Stephen Eubank
eubank at

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