Possible future changes in France

Antoine Leca Antoine.Leca at renault.fr
Thu Sep 5 14:27:36 UTC 1996

Peter Ilieve wrote:
> The BBC Radio 4 news reported this morning that the French prime
> minister Alain Juppe has issued some sort of letter indicating that
> France will abandon summer time and keep the clocks the same for
> the whole year. It was reported as though this was almost a personal
> decision of his. He apparently doesn't see the point of it, says that
> many people don't understand why it is done, it has no economic benefit
> and it disturbs the sleep patterns of the young and elderly.
> The report said a parliamentary commission would now be set up to
> decide if France should use GMT+1 or GMT+2 as its standard time.
> I didn't catch what it said about the start date for any of this.
> So much for EC Directives.

As far as I know, you're correct.

Additional information from _Les_Echos_ (liberally translated) :
] A mission for "proposals and explanation of the French governmental
] positions" about the bi-annual modification of legal time was given 
] yesterday [i.e. 1996-09-04] by Alain Juppé to the president of the
] Production and Exchanges Commission at the Assemblée Nationale,
] François-Michel Gonnot. The proposals would permit the presentation
] of France's position to the Member States of the European Union.

Addition reflexion from myself: this is only a mission; given the prior 
art and the time needed for the mission to investigate, I don't expect 
this to change the DST rules in France for 1997, and I understand the 
goal is the 8th directive.
BTW, there will be elections in March 1998 in France.

I don't know when the mission is due to present its report.

Antoine Leca

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