Precise date of Millenium

Jamie Zawinski jwz at
Mon Jan 6 22:23:22 UTC 1997

Eric Ulevik wrote:
> Otherwise, the argument is that there was no year zero
> in the Julian calendar, and we should celebrate after 2000 years.
> Thus 1 January 2001. But people forget that the Gregorian calendar
> skipped a number of days, so this is wrong!
> So if you wish to be pedantic, please celebrate on 1 January 2001
> on the Julian calendar, which is 14 January 2001 Gregorian.

Well that depends on what event you're celebrating!

  2000 years since the first second (apex?) of the Julian calendar?
  2000 years since the first second of the Gregorian calendar?
    (As reckoned in the Julian calendar?  Weird, but I think that's
     what you described...)
  2000 years since the Julian calendar was introduced?  That's still 
    some centuries away.
  2000 years since Jesus was born?  Nobody really knows, do they?

But hey, any excuse for a party...

Jamie Zawinski    jwz at

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