Precise date of Millenium

Antoine Leca Antoine.Leca at
Tue Jan 7 15:55:15 UTC 1997

Jamie Zawinski wrote:
> Well that depends on what event you're celebrating!
>   2000 years since the first second (apex?) of the Julian calendar?<snip>
>   2000 years since the Julian calendar was introduced?  That's still
>     some centuries away.

If you count 0,45 as being in the range for "some centuries", then OK.

The Julian calendar begun on the calendae (1st of the month) of January, 
in the year 709 a.u.c. (ad urbe condita, since the foundation of the city 
i.e. Rome), which is year 45 BC in our modern calendars.

Since year 1 AD follows immediately the year 1BC, 2000 (Julian) years 
later than the introduction of the Julian calendar was 1956-01-14, at 
dawn in Rome.  Since I wasn't born this day, I wasn't there to celebrate 
the millenium!

For more precise informations, see the calendar FAQ at 
<> (very interresting)

Sorry for adding a pint of salt to an already endless soup!


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