Oscar van Vlijmen o.van.vlijmen at tip.nl
Mon Feb 7 14:33:08 UTC 2000

Indeed, Eric Ulevik: a catching name for the TZ database seems useful.
AltaVista gives however 29 hits with 'tzdb', half of which are Chinese
pages and probably due to a Tzdb site
AltaVista gives 57 hits with 'Olson database', mostly due to RFC 2445 copies.
AltaVista gives 174 hits with 'timezone-database'.
AltaVista gives no hits with tz-database.

Probably tz-database is a useful name.

The tz-link.htm webpage should get at least two META tags, describing the
contents in order to get registered correctly with most search engines;
like this:
<meta name="description" content=".....">
<meta name="keywords" content=".....">


Oscar van Vlijmen

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