time stamps on files in tz distribution

Paul Eggert eggert at twinsun.com
Fri Jul 28 19:50:46 UTC 2000

   Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 11:39:14 -0400
   From: Martin Smoot <msmoot at nssolutions.com>

   I don't think that the file date in the tar files can be depended on to
   be the date of a change

One should be able to depend on them.  (After all, we're the ones that
are supposed to be meticulous about time stamps.  :-)

I noticed the file-date problem myself, and have been repairing the
file dates as I get them, but it would be nicer if the file dates were
correct in the distributed tar file.

Here's a shell script to repair the time stamps of the tz source files
to be what I think are the correct values.  You can apply this script
after extracting the files from tzcode2000d.tar.gz and

Perhaps this time-stamp repair could be done to the master copy of the
files, before the next version is generated?  Of course any files
changed after 2000d should have newer time stamps.

export TZ
touch -t 200003041531.07 africa 
touch -t 200002211706.16 antarctica 
touch -t 199805281356.06 asctime.c 
touch -t 200003041531.07 asia 
touch -t 200003041531.07 australasia 
touch -t 200001181421.21 backward 
touch -t 199911081955.21 checktab.awk 
touch -t 199712291431.49 date.1 
touch -t 200004201942.55 date.c 
touch -t 199606051202.02 difftime.c 
touch -t 199808110316.33 etcetera 
touch -t 200003141438.50 europe 
touch -t 199712182247.23 factory 
touch -t 199909231348.14 gccdiffs 
touch -t 199703072106.34 ialloc.c 
touch -t 199911081955.18 iso3166.tab 
touch -t 199908171809.08 leapseconds 
touch -t 199909231346.39 localtime.c 
touch -t 199601102150.25 logwtmp.c 
touch -t 200004190501.31 Makefile 
touch -t 199705032252.21 newctime.3 
touch -t 200004201942.50 newstrftime.3 
touch -t 199705032252.21 newtzset.3 
touch -t 200003041531.08 northamerica 
touch -t 199712111744.34 pacificnew 
touch -t 200004190501.31 private.h 
touch -t 199709042055.54 README 
touch -t 199707191714.53 scheck.c 
touch -t 199510301507.11 solar87 
touch -t 199510301507.11 solar88 
touch -t 199603190149.39 solar89 
touch -t 200003041531.08 southamerica 
touch -t 200004201942.56 strftime.c 
touch -t 199311222023.15 systemv 
touch -t 200002211709.29 Theory 
touch -t 199712291431.51 time2posix.3 
touch -t 200004201943.03 tz-art.htm 
touch -t 200003041531.09 tz-link.htm 
touch -t 199802281732.26 tzfile.5 
touch -t 199712291431.51 tzfile.h 
touch -t 199909231346.31 tzselect.8 
touch -t 199909231347.28 tzselect.ksh 
touch -t 199611051850.18 usno1988 
touch -t 199611051850.18 usno1989 
touch -t 199611051850.18 usno1989a 
touch -t 199512211745.53 usno1995 
touch -t 199909231348.12 usno1997 
touch -t 199805281356.24 usno1998 
touch -t 199509012121.36 yearistype.sh 
touch -t 199605030252.35 zdump.8 
touch -t 199901192120.08 zdump.c 
touch -t 199911131942.59 zic.8 
touch -t 199908171809.09 zic.c 
touch -t 200001181421.22 zone.tab 

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