proposed tz changes for Israel, Mexico, Simferopol, etc.

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Bill Tiede <billt at> writes:
| Regarding the DST rules for Israel, I have not been able to find any
| corroborating evidence that this became official policy. The only story
| in the online newspapers (Jerusalem Post for example) on the subject was
| in early July 2000 which mentioned that the committee had made a
| recommendation, but that the head of the Intertior Department disagreed
| with the recommendation.

You are referring to the meeting of the Interior Ministry committee on July 5
where then Minister of Interior Sharansky leaned towards his original end
date of October 22nd.  Between July 5 and July 19 when the change to Oct. 6
was passed in the Knesset, Minister Sharansky resigned (not because of DST ...)
and joined the opposition hence making his opinion a lot less important.

As far as official confirmation, I included the URL to the law itself with
all the 2000-2004 spelled out explicitly in the comments to the 'asia' file:

    # The official announcement for the end date of 2000 and the dates
    # for the years 2001-2004 can be viewed at:

Steve Mann <smann at> writes:
>> Last week it was decided that the DST in Israel will be finished this year
>> at  Oct 6. For the next 4 years the dates will be  beginning of 
>> April until last week of Sept. (in special cases it can move to first 
>> week of Oct.)
> I'm not quite sure what he meant by the "beginning of April". If 
> anyone wants to pursue details, I can provide email contact 
> information privately.

I chose to include the URL of the actual law rather than the usual official
announcement to the press since the official announcement only gave the end
date for Oct. 6 and just mentioned that the other years had been changed
(with a typo of 2003 in instead of 2004) without stating what the dates were.

I am attaching the announcement to the press of July 19 for all Hebrew readers
in the list.
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