Dave Wilson: Drowning in a Sea of Clocks

Paul Eggert eggert at twinsun.com
Fri Apr 6 14:00:19 UTC 2001

In yesterday's Los Angeles Times, Dave Wilson wrote a humorous piece
"Drowning in a Sea of Clocks" complaining about the number of clocks
he has to change every spring and fall.  He goes on:

  Like all good paranoid fantasies, mine has a villain: the Japanese.
  Japanese electronics designers have been deliberately building
  clocks into everything in hopes of weakening our industrial might.

  Now, you might say, "Dave, that's crazy talk. The Japanese have a
  lot more of these gadgets than we do. They're gadget freaks,
  man. They'd be hurt by this as much as we are, or even more." Which
  shows how much you know, pal.

  The Japanese don't have daylight saving time.

He finally resolves to disable all his clocks that serve no function.
(His oven clock now blinks 00:00.)



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