Updated Australian time zone names/strings

Greg Black gjb at gbch.net
Fri Apr 6 15:25:34 UTC 2001

| The issue of the ambiguity of abbreviations like "EST" might best be solved
| by prefixing the three initials with the ISO Country Code see
| http://itl5.itlnet.com/isocodes.htm for examples. So the Australian EST
| would be AUEST and the US EST would be USEST. 

Much as I want us to move away from EST/EST for Australia, I
don't think too many people are going to welcome inventions when
we have known and recognised existing practice in the form of
AEST/AEDT.  And I can't see anybody in the US getting excited
about changing EST to USEST, no matter how pure it might look if
we were actually starting with a clean sheet of paper.

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