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This work appeals to me a great deal, so this is not really a constructive
criticism. I applaud the completely irrefutable arguments to why four-digit
dates are a must in internet communication.

I just have one question: Does 03-Apr-01 mean third of April 2001 or
does it mean first of April 2003 (that would really be an April's Fool
with a vengeance). In a few years I might wonder even more ...

May you all have a nice day ...

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I've submitted a revision of the date and time draft Chris Newman wrote 
some time ago.

One of the goals for the current revision is to create a separate 
specification that answers a clear and present requirement from other parts 
concerning which there is less clear consensus.  Specifically, this draft 
aims to move forward the timestamp elements of Chris' original work, while 
allowing the trickier "schedule events" elements to be picked up and 
developed by a group with more specific relevant expertise and goals, if 


A New Internet-Draft is available from the on-line Internet-Drafts
This draft is a work item of the Instant Messaging and Presence Protocol 
Working Group of the IETF.

         Title           : Date and Time on the Internet: Timestamps
         Author(s)       : C. Newman, G. Klyne
         Filename        : draft-ietf-impp-datetime-00.txt
         Pages           : 16
         Date            : 03-Apr-01

This document defines a date and time format for use in Internet
protocols that is a profile of the ISO 8601 [ISO8601] standard for
representation of dates and times using the Gregorian calendar.

A URL for this Internet-Draft is:

Graham Klyne

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