New date and time draft

Chris Newman chris+tz at
Mon Apr 9 22:45:19 UTC 2001

Given that my office already purchased ISO 8601:1988 a few years ago, I 
certainly couldn't justify the cost of purchasing a revision in current 
tight economic times.  If there's a public list of errata (or a free 
revision available to people who purchased the previous version), I'd be 
glad to vet the spec against that.  Or perhaps if Graham feels like 
purchasing a copy and vetting the ABNF he could.  Otherwise I believe we 
should keep the reference to the older version since that's what this spec 
is based on.

		- Chris

--On Monday, April 9, 2001 18:22 +0100 Markus Kuhn 
<Markus.Kuhn at> wrote:
> But this document still references the old first edition! The one that
> counted accidentally minutes from 01 to 60 and similar nonsense, along
> with lots of ambiguities:
>    [ISO8601]   "Data elements and interchange formats -- Information
>                interchange -- Representation of dates and times", ISO
>                8601:1988(E), International Organization for
>                Standardization, June, 1988.
> The new second edition with lots of bug fixes, ISO 8601:2000, has been
> available since December and can be ordered online from

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