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This email seems to be a reply to a previously send email, but I didn't
receive the original mail from Anthony Fok through the tz-list.
The original discussion thread started Sept. 24 2001.

> I'll try to see if I can come
> up with a more complete list of provinces, but I don't want the
> comments field to be so large that 'tzselect' produces confusing
> output.

Listed below is a complete list of the current administrative regions of

The Chinese Central Government has divided China into different regions,
which consists of :
23 Provinces 
5 Autonomous Regions
4 Municipalities 
1 Special Administrative Region

The provinces with their capitals are:
Anhui - Hefei 
Fujian - Fuzhou 
Gansu - Lanzhou 
Guangdong - Guangzhou
Guizhou - Guiyang 
Hainan - Haikou 
Hebei - Shijiazhuang
Heilongjiang - Harbin
Henan - Zhengzhou 
Hubei - Wuhan 
Hunan - Changsha 
Jiangsu - Nanjing 
Jiangxi - Nanchang 
Jilin - Changchun 
Liaoning - Shenyang
Qinghai - Xining 
Shaanxi - Xian 
Shandong - Jinan 
Shanxi - Taiyuan 
Sichuan - Chengdu 
Taiwan - Taipei         (!)
Yunnan - Kunming 
Zhejiang - Hangzhou

The autonomous regions with their capitals are:
Guangxi Zhuang - Nanning
Nei Monggol (Inner Mongolia) - Hohhot
Ningxia Hui - Yinchuan
Xizang (Tibet) - Lhasa
Xinjiang Uigur (or ... Uygur; chinese prefer Uigur) - Urumqi

The 4 municipalities are:

The special administrative region is:
Hong Kong

Tiglion Consultancy Company Limited
(This source seems to be in error in listing Ningxia both as province as
well as autonomous region; the latter is true).
See also:
A compilation of many sources.

Probably more authoritative resources can be found, but above list seems
correct to me.

Oscar van Vlijmen

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