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Srinivas Nagaraj srinivas at
Fri Feb 9 17:02:36 UTC 2001

The TZ (zoneinfo) database comes installed with several operating 
systems like Linux, Solaris, etc.  

I have noticed the content of the TZ database varies between different 
versions of the same operating system and also between operating 
systems.  This could have been because of when a snapshot of the 
TZ database was taken.  

Ofcourse, one significant difference is the actual name of the time zone.  
Depending on the content of the TZ database, the time zone name look 
different.  Is it because the TZ database has evolved?  

I also noticed that the file is not distributed on a number of 
installations.  Was that operating system installation decision?

Now my main question, is it an appropriate application specific common 
practice to use an application specific TZ database?  That way the 
time zone names can be consistent, irrespective of where the application 
is installed?

Thank you.

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