Html-ize the tz database?

Chris Sells csells at
Wed Feb 28 15:44:01 UTC 2001

Gwillim, I'm curious how you produced these HTML files? I'm currently
working on a little program that will convert the tz data into XML so that
it can be more useful in applications like yours that want to raw data, not
the binary results of zic.

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Subject: Html-ize the tz database?

> Recently, this mailing list has discussed the perceived need for
> standardized time zone abbreviations.  There has also been some talk about
> putting the boundaries of time zones into a GIS (Geographic Information
> System) format.  Several people have volunteered to help with that task.
> These issues are not new; they've come up repeatedly in the past.
> I've just now posted a few sample Web pages to display data from the tz
> database in a more accessible format.  This applies particularly to the
> geographic extent of time zones, which is hidden in comments in
> I invite anyone who is interested to visit
> and browse around.  Questions to
> keep in mind:  Are the sample pages the best way of displaying the data?
> Would they be a useful resource for the other tasks mentioned above?  Is
> feasible to maintain a Web site like this in synch with the tz database?
> Gwillim Law

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