Time Zone Localizations

Eric Muller emuller at adobe.com
Fri Jun 11 23:45:01 UTC 2004

Mark Davis wrote:

>Those pesky non-English speakers! But there is a point: simply because I don't
>speak Russian does mean that I would have no occasion to see or use time zones
>that happen to be in Russia.
For example, my coworker in Russia may schedule a meeting, which will 
occur in Moscow during my visit over there next week, but I have asked 
the calendaring software to report stuff to me in the en_US locale. 
Hence I get a message, in English, with a Russian time zone.

If the meeting were in San Jose, CA, then I would expect the time zone 
to be that of San Jose, and my Russian coworker would expect the Russian 
translation of (the short or the long form of) PDT.


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