Time Zone Localizations

Mark Davis mark.davis at jtcsv.com
Sat Jun 12 02:06:20 UTC 2004

Yes, I agree that not every translator will want to translate every zone. And
the ordering that you suggest is reasonable.

It is hard for us to judge exactly the priority that people in a given country
will give to particular zones; our goal is to make it possible to have
reasonable fallback behavior for zones that they don't want to translate, and
give them guidance as to the effects of their choices. They may have different
priorities, once they understand that. For example, it may be that in the
Ukraine a lot of business is done with Russia, so it is worthwhile to translate
all the Russian zones in detail; but for Australia they may depend on the
fallback policy.

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> <<On Fri, 11 Jun 2004 16:30:53 -0700, "Mark Davis" <mark.davis at jtcsv.com>
> > Those pesky non-English speakers! But there is a point: simply
> > because I don't speak Russian does mean that I would have no
> > occasion to see or use time zones that happen to be in Russia.
> It is, however, less likely that you would need to do so.  You *were*
> writing about the need to prioritize translation efforts; it seems
> clear to me that the translation of all zones into their "native"
> locale should be given a higher priority than translating any zone
> into a language in which it is rarely referenced.  Some zones may
> never need to be translated.  Procedurally, I would suggest:
> foreach zone {
> foreach locale used in country of zone {
> translate all symbols used in this zone
> translate identifier of zone if necessary
> }
> }
> ; break point 1
> foreach locale {
> foreach equivalence class of proleptically isomorphic zones {
> choose exemplar appropriate for this locale
> translate all symbols used in exemplar
> translate identifier of exemplar if necessary
> }
> }
> ; break point 2
> translate remaining symbols and identifiers
> -GAWollman

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