Time Zone Localizations

John Cowan cowan at ccil.org
Sat Jun 12 04:13:42 UTC 2004

Mark Davis scripsit:

> America/Dawson, America/Whitehorse, America/Vancouver;

Yes, I agree that this kind of variation can be merged away for
localization purposes.  I didn't understand it before.

> Look at London, from the CLDR:

Yes, well, Europe is a particularly bad case, because they all have
local names for each others' locations.  I rather doubt that the
same applies to Vancouver or Winnipeg or Iqaluit.

As I said before, you may want to apply your transliteration engine
when you know there's a script barrier.

> There are 239 countries. Of them, 210 have a single
> zone. Using a country name for each of them is essentially free. 

Yes, that is the Right Thing.

> But we still need some fallback in case there is no unique country, and no
> translated city. 

Use the Olson name of the city in that case.  It's not ideal, but it
still helps a great deal.  (Transliterated when necessary.)

> Of course, the chances of something sensible like this are, well,  zip.]

Not really.  The appropriate time for DST changes depends on latitude,
and in the Southern Hemisphere it goes the other way.

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