IANA time zone registration - proposal

Mark Davis mark.davis at jtcsv.com
Fri Feb 4 15:40:52 UTC 2005

I am quite leery about this project, having seen a number of other cases
like this. The IANA charset registry, for example, is a real muddle; for
example, some of the registered names are not compliant to the very
specification they are supposed to be registered under, and there is nowhere
near enough information in the registry to verify that the contents of a
charset matches what is supposed to be registered.

I'm not sure that people here realize the implications of this proposal. It
means either that all the timezone database identifier updates have to
funnel through the IANA process, or that the data will get out of sync, and
people won't know which is authoritative; the registry or the database.

While I do believe that it would be useful to have a more formal
specification to answer certain issues that implementers need to depend on,
at this point I would much rather see a single source. (And the proposed
specification does not really add any information to what is already


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> [This was sent to some IETF mailing lists by me and someone suggested I
> it to this list also]
> This is REV -00 of the proposal - comments welcome. Data in in it can
> updated. (Like the TZ names updated to latest copy of data)
>    ----------------------------------------------------
> A couple of years ago there was talk on the CALSCH mailing list to have an
> IANA time zone registration process. I have submitted a proposal for that
> registry to the IETF.
> A copy can be found at:
>      http://inet-consulting.com/draft-royer-timezone-registry-00.txt
> And an HTML version:
>      http://inet-consulting.com/draft-royer-timezone-registry-00.html
> I am adding the POLYGON property targeted for the -01 version that has an
> ADD/DELETE parameter to allow for the optional inclusion of
> latitude/longitude geographic areas to be included that include (add) and
> exclude (delete) areas from the time zone geographic region (again from
> CALSCH mailing list discussions).
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