IANA time zone registration - proposal

Mark Davis mark.davis at jtcsv.com
Mon Feb 7 17:11:27 UTC 2005

My apologies on this. I hadn't had time to respond when the original posting
was made, and I mis-remembered the document.

I still do have some concerns that the tzids will drift out of sync; and
also how the stability of tzids will be handled. The stability issue is
this. We've been advised to use zone.tab as the collection of valid names,
with others being aliases. We do that, with the addition of the
GMT{+/-number} items. The database is good about putting in links when one
of those values changes, so that any old name remains as an alias. However,
where we are working with a system of intercommunicating components, that
may be released at different times, when component A uses a new name, it
won't be able to that tzid to communicated with a component B that was built
with the old name. So what we are doing for localization is that we are
fixing the zone names as of a particular point, and any new names we will
just treat as aliases, as in the attached list. That way once an identifier
is introduced in zone.tab (after our start date), it stays stable from then

How are you approaching stability of tzids with iCalendar? Or is that not an
issue in that domain?

Afghanistan (AF)
    tzid: Asia/Kabul
Aland Islands (AX)
    tzid: Europe/Mariehamn
Albania (AL)
    tzid: Europe/Tirane
Algeria (DZ)
    tzid: Africa/Algiers
American Samoa (AS)
    tzid: Pacific/Pago_Pago
        alias: Pacific/Samoa
        alias: US/Samoa
Andorra (AD)
    tzid: Europe/Andorra
Angola (AO)
    tzid: Africa/Luanda
Anguilla (AI)
    tzid: America/Anguilla
Antarctica (AQ)
    tzid: Antarctica/Casey
    tzid: Antarctica/Davis
    tzid: Antarctica/DumontDUrville
    tzid: Antarctica/Mawson
    tzid: Antarctica/McMurdo
    tzid: Antarctica/Palmer
    tzid: Antarctica/Rothera
    tzid: Antarctica/South_Pole
    tzid: Antarctica/Syowa
    tzid: Antarctica/Vostok
Antigua and Barbuda (AG)
    tzid: America/Antigua
Argentina (AR)
    tzid: America/Argentina/ComodRivadavia
    tzid: America/Argentina/La_Rioja
    tzid: America/Argentina/Rio_Gallegos
    tzid: America/Argentina/San_Juan
    tzid: America/Argentina/Tucuman
    tzid: America/Argentina/Ushuaia
    tzid: America/Buenos_Aires
        alias: America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires
    tzid: America/Catamarca
        alias: America/Argentina/Catamarca
    tzid: America/Cordoba
        alias: America/Argentina/Cordoba
        alias: America/Rosario
    tzid: America/Jujuy
        alias: America/Argentina/Jujuy
    tzid: America/Mendoza
        alias: America/Argentina/Mendoza
Armenia (AM)
    tzid: Asia/Yerevan
Aruba (AW)
    tzid: America/Aruba
Australia (AU)
    tzid: Australia/Adelaide
        alias: Australia/South
    tzid: Australia/Brisbane
        alias: Australia/Queensland
    tzid: Australia/Broken_Hill
        alias: Australia/Yancowinna
    tzid: Australia/Darwin
        alias: Australia/North
    tzid: Australia/Hobart
        alias: Australia/Tasmania
    tzid: Australia/Lindeman
    tzid: Australia/Lord_Howe
        alias: Australia/LHI
    tzid: Australia/Melbourne
        alias: Australia/Victoria
    tzid: Australia/Perth
        alias: Australia/West
    tzid: Australia/Sydney
        alias: Australia/ACT
        alias: Australia/Canberra
        alias: Australia/NSW
Austria (AT)
    tzid: Europe/Vienna
Azerbaijan (AZ)
    tzid: Asia/Baku
Bahamas (BS)
    tzid: America/Nassau
Bahrain (BH)
    tzid: Asia/Bahrain
Bangladesh (BD)
    tzid: Asia/Dhaka
        alias: Asia/Dacca
Barbados (BB)
    tzid: America/Barbados
Belarus (BY)
    tzid: Europe/Minsk
Belgium (BE)
    tzid: Europe/Brussels
Belize (BZ)
    tzid: America/Belize
Benin (BJ)
    tzid: Africa/Porto-Novo
Bermuda (BM)
    tzid: Atlantic/Bermuda
Bhutan (BT)
    tzid: Asia/Thimphu
        alias: Asia/Thimbu
Bolivia (BO)
    tzid: America/La_Paz
Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA)
    tzid: Europe/Sarajevo
Botswana (BW)
    tzid: Africa/Gaborone
Brazil (BR)
    tzid: America/Araguaina
    tzid: America/Bahia
    tzid: America/Belem
    tzid: America/Boa_Vista
    tzid: America/Campo_Grande
    tzid: America/Cuiaba
    tzid: America/Eirunepe
    tzid: America/Fortaleza
    tzid: America/Maceio
    tzid: America/Manaus
        alias: Brazil/West
    tzid: America/Noronha
        alias: Brazil/DeNoronha
    tzid: America/Porto_Velho
    tzid: America/Recife
    tzid: America/Rio_Branco
        alias: America/Porto_Acre
        alias: Brazil/Acre
    tzid: America/Sao_Paulo
        alias: Brazil/East
British Indian Ocean Territory (IO)
    tzid: Indian/Chagos
British Virgin Islands (VG)
    tzid: America/Tortola
Brunei (BN)
    tzid: Asia/Brunei
Bulgaria (BG)
    tzid: Europe/Sofia
Burkina Faso (BF)
    tzid: Africa/Ouagadougou
Burundi (BI)
    tzid: Africa/Bujumbura
Cambodia (KH)
    tzid: Asia/Phnom_Penh
Cameroon (CM)
    tzid: Africa/Douala
Canada (CA)
    tzid: America/Cambridge_Bay
    tzid: America/Dawson
    tzid: America/Dawson_Creek
    tzid: America/Edmonton
        alias: Canada/Mountain
    tzid: America/Glace_Bay
    tzid: America/Goose_Bay
    tzid: America/Halifax
        alias: Canada/Atlantic
        alias: SystemV/AST4ADT
    tzid: America/Inuvik
    tzid: America/Iqaluit
    tzid: America/Montreal
    tzid: America/Nipigon
    tzid: America/Pangnirtung
    tzid: America/Rainy_River
    tzid: America/Rankin_Inlet
    tzid: America/Regina
        alias: Canada/East-Saskatchewan
        alias: Canada/Saskatchewan
        alias: SystemV/CST6
    tzid: America/St_Johns
        alias: Canada/Newfoundland
    tzid: America/Swift_Current
    tzid: America/Thunder_Bay
    tzid: America/Toronto
        alias: Canada/Eastern
    tzid: America/Vancouver
        alias: Canada/Pacific
    tzid: America/Whitehorse
        alias: Canada/Yukon
    tzid: America/Winnipeg
        alias: Canada/Central
    tzid: America/Yellowknife
Cape Verde (CV)
    tzid: Atlantic/Cape_Verde
Cayman Islands (KY)
    tzid: America/Cayman
Central African Republic (CF)
    tzid: Africa/Bangui
Chad (TD)
    tzid: Africa/Ndjamena
Chile (CL)
    tzid: America/Santiago
        alias: Chile/Continental
    tzid: Pacific/Easter
        alias: Chile/EasterIsland
China (CN)
    tzid: Asia/Chongqing
        alias: Asia/Chungking
    tzid: Asia/Harbin
    tzid: Asia/Kashgar
    tzid: Asia/Shanghai
        alias: PRC
    tzid: Asia/Urumqi
Christmas Island (CX)
    tzid: Indian/Christmas
Cocos (Keeling) Islands (CC)
    tzid: Indian/Cocos
Colombia (CO)
    tzid: America/Bogota
Comoros (KM)
    tzid: Indian/Comoro
Congo (CG)
    tzid: Africa/Brazzaville
Cook Islands (CK)
    tzid: Pacific/Rarotonga
Costa Rica (CR)
    tzid: America/Costa_Rica
Côte d’Ivoire (CI)
    tzid: Africa/Abidjan
Croatia (HR)
    tzid: Europe/Zagreb
Cuba (CU)
    tzid: America/Havana
        alias: Cuba
Cyprus (CY)
    tzid: Asia/Nicosia
        alias: Europe/Nicosia
Czech Republic (CZ)
    tzid: Europe/Prague
Czechoslovakia (CS)
    tzid: Europe/Belgrade
Democratic Republic of the Congo (CD)
    tzid: Africa/Kinshasa
    tzid: Africa/Lubumbashi
Denmark (DK)
    tzid: Europe/Copenhagen
Djibouti (DJ)
    tzid: Africa/Djibouti
Dominica (DM)
    tzid: America/Dominica
Dominican Republic (DO)
    tzid: America/Santo_Domingo
Ecuador (EC)
    tzid: America/Guayaquil
    tzid: Pacific/Galapagos
Egypt (EG)
    tzid: Africa/Cairo
        alias: Egypt
El Salvador (SV)
    tzid: America/El_Salvador
Equatorial Guinea (GQ)
    tzid: Africa/Malabo
Eritrea (ER)
    tzid: Africa/Asmera
Estonia (EE)
    tzid: Europe/Tallinn
Ethiopia (ET)
    tzid: Africa/Addis_Ababa
Falkland Islands (FK)
    tzid: Atlantic/Stanley
Faroe Islands (FO)
    tzid: Atlantic/Faeroe
Fiji (FJ)
    tzid: Pacific/Fiji
Finland (FI)
    tzid: Europe/Helsinki
France (FR)
    tzid: Europe/Paris
French Guiana (GF)
    tzid: America/Cayenne
French Polynesia (PF)
    tzid: Pacific/Gambier
        alias: SystemV/YST9
    tzid: Pacific/Marquesas
    tzid: Pacific/Tahiti
French Southern Territories (TF)
    tzid: Indian/Kerguelen
Gabon (GA)
    tzid: Africa/Libreville
Gambia (GM)
    tzid: Africa/Banjul
Georgia (GE)
    tzid: Asia/Tbilisi
Germany (DE)
    tzid: Europe/Berlin
Ghana (GH)
    tzid: Africa/Accra
Gibraltar (GI)
    tzid: Europe/Gibraltar
Greece (GR)
    tzid: Europe/Athens
Greenland (GL)
    tzid: America/Danmarkshavn
    tzid: America/Godthab
    tzid: America/Scoresbysund
    tzid: America/Thule
Grenada (GD)
    tzid: America/Grenada
Guadeloupe (GP)
    tzid: America/Guadeloupe
Guam (GU)
    tzid: Pacific/Guam
Guatemala (GT)
    tzid: America/Guatemala
Guinea (GN)
    tzid: Africa/Conakry
Guinea-Bissau (GW)
    tzid: Africa/Bissau
Guyana (GY)
    tzid: America/Guyana
Haiti (HT)
    tzid: America/Port-au-Prince
Honduras (HN)
    tzid: America/Tegucigalpa
Hong Kong S.A.R., China (HK)
    tzid: Asia/Hong_Kong
        alias: Hongkong
Hungary (HU)
    tzid: Europe/Budapest
Iceland (IS)
    tzid: Atlantic/Reykjavik
        alias: Iceland
India (IN)
    tzid: Asia/Calcutta
Indonesia (ID)
    tzid: Asia/Jakarta
    tzid: Asia/Jayapura
    tzid: Asia/Makassar
        alias: Asia/Ujung_Pandang
    tzid: Asia/Pontianak
Iran (IR)
    tzid: Asia/Tehran
        alias: Iran
Iraq (IQ)
    tzid: Asia/Baghdad
Ireland (IE)
    tzid: Europe/Dublin
        alias: Eire
Israel (IL)
    tzid: Asia/Jerusalem
        alias: Asia/Tel_Aviv
        alias: Israel
Italy (IT)
    tzid: Europe/Rome
Jamaica (JM)
    tzid: America/Jamaica
        alias: Jamaica
Japan (JP)
    tzid: Asia/Tokyo
        alias: Japan
Jordan (JO)
    tzid: Asia/Amman
Kazakhstan (KZ)
    tzid: Asia/Almaty
    tzid: Asia/Aqtau
    tzid: Asia/Aqtobe
    tzid: Asia/Oral
    tzid: Asia/Qyzylorda
Kenya (KE)
    tzid: Africa/Nairobi
Kiribati (KI)
    tzid: Pacific/Enderbury
    tzid: Pacific/Kiritimati
    tzid: Pacific/Tarawa
Kuwait (KW)
    tzid: Asia/Kuwait
Kyrgyzstan (KG)
    tzid: Asia/Bishkek
Laos (LA)
    tzid: Asia/Vientiane
Latvia (LV)
    tzid: Europe/Riga
Lebanon (LB)
    tzid: Asia/Beirut
Lesotho (LS)
    tzid: Africa/Maseru
Liberia (LR)
    tzid: Africa/Monrovia
Libya (LY)
    tzid: Africa/Tripoli
        alias: Libya
Liechtenstein (LI)
    tzid: Europe/Vaduz
Lithuania (LT)
    tzid: Europe/Vilnius
Luxembourg (LU)
    tzid: Europe/Luxembourg
Macao S.A.R., China (MO)
    tzid: Asia/Macau
        alias: Asia/Macao
Macedonia (MK)
    tzid: Europe/Skopje
Madagascar (MG)
    tzid: Indian/Antananarivo
Malawi (MW)
    tzid: Africa/Blantyre
Malaysia (MY)
    tzid: Asia/Kuala_Lumpur
    tzid: Asia/Kuching
Maldives (MV)
    tzid: Indian/Maldives
Mali (ML)
    tzid: Africa/Bamako
    tzid: Africa/Timbuktu
Malta (MT)
    tzid: Europe/Malta
Marshall Islands (MH)
    tzid: Pacific/Kwajalein
        alias: Kwajalein
    tzid: Pacific/Majuro
Martinique (MQ)
    tzid: America/Martinique
Mauritania (MR)
    tzid: Africa/Nouakchott
Mauritius (MU)
    tzid: Indian/Mauritius
Mayotte (YT)
    tzid: Indian/Mayotte
Mexico (MX)
    tzid: America/Cancun
    tzid: America/Chihuahua
    tzid: America/Hermosillo
    tzid: America/Mazatlan
        alias: Mexico/BajaSur
    tzid: America/Merida
    tzid: America/Mexico_City
        alias: Mexico/General
    tzid: America/Monterrey
    tzid: America/Tijuana
        alias: America/Ensenada
        alias: Mexico/BajaNorte
Micronesia (FM)
    tzid: Pacific/Kosrae
    tzid: Pacific/Ponape
    tzid: Pacific/Truk
    tzid: Pacific/Yap
Moldova (MD)
    tzid: Europe/Chisinau
        alias: Europe/Tiraspol
Monaco (MC)
    tzid: Europe/Monaco
Mongolia (MN)
    tzid: Asia/Choibalsan
    tzid: Asia/Hovd
    tzid: Asia/Ulaanbaatar
        alias: Asia/Ulan_Bator
Montserrat (MS)
    tzid: America/Montserrat
Morocco (MA)
    tzid: Africa/Casablanca
Mozambique (MZ)
    tzid: Africa/Maputo
Myanmar (MM)
    tzid: Asia/Rangoon
Namibia (NA)
    tzid: Africa/Windhoek
Nauru (NR)
    tzid: Pacific/Nauru
Nepal (NP)
    tzid: Asia/Katmandu
Netherlands (NL)
    tzid: Europe/Amsterdam
Netherlands Antilles (AN)
    tzid: America/Curacao
New Caledonia (NC)
    tzid: Pacific/Noumea
New Zealand (NZ)
    tzid: Pacific/Auckland
        alias: NZ
    tzid: Pacific/Chatham
        alias: NZ-CHAT
Nicaragua (NI)
    tzid: America/Managua
Niger (NE)
    tzid: Africa/Niamey
Nigeria (NG)
    tzid: Africa/Lagos
Niue (NU)
    tzid: Pacific/Niue
Norfolk Island (NF)
    tzid: Pacific/Norfolk
North Korea (KP)
    tzid: Asia/Pyongyang
Northern Mariana Islands (MP)
    tzid: Pacific/Saipan
Norway (NO)
    tzid: Europe/Oslo
Oman (OM)
    tzid: Asia/Muscat
Pakistan (PK)
    tzid: Asia/Karachi
Palau (PW)
    tzid: Pacific/Palau
Palestinian Territory (PS)
    tzid: Asia/Gaza
Panama (PA)
    tzid: America/Panama
Papua New Guinea (PG)
    tzid: Pacific/Port_Moresby
Paraguay (PY)
    tzid: America/Asuncion
Peru (PE)
    tzid: America/Lima
Philippines (PH)
    tzid: Asia/Manila
Pitcairn (PN)
    tzid: Pacific/Pitcairn
        alias: SystemV/PST8
Poland (PL)
    tzid: Europe/Warsaw
        alias: Poland
Portugal (PT)
    tzid: Atlantic/Azores
    tzid: Atlantic/Madeira
    tzid: Europe/Lisbon
        alias: Portugal
Puerto Rico (PR)
    tzid: America/Puerto_Rico
        alias: SystemV/AST4
Qatar (QA)
    tzid: Asia/Qatar
Réunion (RE)
    tzid: Indian/Reunion
Romania (RO)
    tzid: Europe/Bucharest
Russia (RU)
    tzid: Asia/Anadyr
    tzid: Asia/Irkutsk
    tzid: Asia/Kamchatka
    tzid: Asia/Krasnoyarsk
    tzid: Asia/Magadan
    tzid: Asia/Novosibirsk
    tzid: Asia/Omsk
    tzid: Asia/Sakhalin
    tzid: Asia/Vladivostok
    tzid: Asia/Yakutsk
    tzid: Asia/Yekaterinburg
    tzid: Europe/Kaliningrad
    tzid: Europe/Moscow
        alias: W-SU
    tzid: Europe/Samara
Rwanda (RW)
    tzid: Africa/Kigali
Saint Helena (SH)
    tzid: Atlantic/St_Helena
Saint Kitts and Nevis (KN)
    tzid: America/St_Kitts
Saint Lucia (LC)
    tzid: America/St_Lucia
Saint Pierre and Miquelon (PM)
    tzid: America/Miquelon
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (VC)
    tzid: America/St_Vincent
Samoa (WS)
    tzid: Pacific/Apia
San Marino (SM)
    tzid: Europe/San_Marino
Sao Tome and Principe (ST)
    tzid: Africa/Sao_Tome
Saudi Arabia (SA)
    tzid: Asia/Riyadh
Senegal (SN)
    tzid: Africa/Dakar
Seychelles (SC)
    tzid: Indian/Mahe
Sierra Leone (SL)
    tzid: Africa/Freetown
Singapore (SG)
    tzid: Asia/Singapore
        alias: Singapore
Slovakia (SK)
    tzid: Europe/Bratislava
Slovenia (SI)
    tzid: Europe/Ljubljana
Solomon Islands (SB)
    tzid: Pacific/Guadalcanal
Somalia (SO)
    tzid: Africa/Mogadishu
South Africa (ZA)
    tzid: Africa/Johannesburg
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (GS)
    tzid: Atlantic/South_Georgia
South Korea (KR)
    tzid: Asia/Seoul
        alias: ROK
Spain (ES)
    tzid: Africa/Ceuta
    tzid: Atlantic/Canary
    tzid: Europe/Madrid
Sri Lanka (LK)
    tzid: Asia/Colombo
Sudan (SD)
    tzid: Africa/Khartoum
Suriname (SR)
    tzid: America/Paramaribo
Svalbard and Jan Mayen (SJ)
    tzid: Arctic/Longyearbyen
    tzid: Atlantic/Jan_Mayen
Swaziland (SZ)
    tzid: Africa/Mbabane
Sweden (SE)
    tzid: Europe/Stockholm
Switzerland (CH)
    tzid: Europe/Zurich
Syria (SY)
    tzid: Asia/Damascus
Taiwan (TW)
    tzid: Asia/Taipei
        alias: ROC
Tajikistan (TJ)
    tzid: Asia/Dushanbe
Tanzania (TZ)
    tzid: Africa/Dar_es_Salaam
Thailand (TH)
    tzid: Asia/Bangkok
Timor-Leste (TL)
    tzid: Asia/Dili
Togo (TG)
    tzid: Africa/Lome
Tokelau (TK)
    tzid: Pacific/Fakaofo
Tonga (TO)
    tzid: Pacific/Tongatapu
Trinidad and Tobago (TT)
    tzid: America/Port_of_Spain
Tunisia (TN)
    tzid: Africa/Tunis
Turkey (TR)
    tzid: Europe/Istanbul
        alias: Asia/Istanbul
        alias: Turkey
Turkmenistan (TM)
    tzid: Asia/Ashgabat
        alias: Asia/Ashkhabad
Turks and Caicos Islands (TC)
    tzid: America/Grand_Turk
Tuvalu (TV)
    tzid: Pacific/Funafuti
U.S. Virgin Islands (VI)
    tzid: America/St_Thomas
        alias: America/Virgin
Uganda (UG)
    tzid: Africa/Kampala
Ukraine (UA)
    tzid: Europe/Kiev
    tzid: Europe/Simferopol
    tzid: Europe/Uzhgorod
    tzid: Europe/Zaporozhye
United Arab Emirates (AE)
    tzid: Asia/Dubai
United Kingdom (GB)
    tzid: Europe/Belfast
    tzid: Europe/London
        alias: GB
        alias: GB-Eire
United States (US)
    tzid: America/Adak
        alias: America/Atka
        alias: US/Aleutian
    tzid: America/Anchorage
        alias: SystemV/YST9YDT
        alias: US/Alaska
    tzid: America/Boise
    tzid: America/Chicago
        alias: CST6CDT
        alias: SystemV/CST6CDT
        alias: US/Central
    tzid: America/Denver
        alias: MST7MDT
        alias: Navajo
        alias: SystemV/MST7MDT
        alias: US/Mountain
    tzid: America/Detroit
        alias: US/Michigan
    tzid: America/Indiana/Knox
        alias: America/Knox_IN
        alias: US/Indiana-Starke
    tzid: America/Indiana/Marengo
    tzid: America/Indiana/Vevay
    tzid: America/Indianapolis
        alias: America/Fort_Wayne
        alias: America/Indiana/Indianapolis
        alias: EST
        alias: SystemV/EST5
        alias: US/East-Indiana
    tzid: America/Juneau
    tzid: America/Kentucky/Monticello
    tzid: America/Los_Angeles
        alias: PST8PDT
        alias: SystemV/PST8PDT
        alias: US/Pacific
        alias: US/Pacific-New
    tzid: America/Louisville
        alias: America/Kentucky/Louisville
    tzid: America/Menominee
    tzid: America/New_York
        alias: EST5EDT
        alias: SystemV/EST5EDT
        alias: US/Eastern
    tzid: America/Nome
    tzid: America/North_Dakota/Center
    tzid: America/Phoenix
        alias: MST
        alias: SystemV/MST7
        alias: US/Arizona
    tzid: America/Shiprock
    tzid: America/Yakutat
    tzid: Pacific/Honolulu
        alias: HST
        alias: SystemV/HST10
        alias: US/Hawaii
United States Minor Outlying Islands (UM)
    tzid: Pacific/Johnston
    tzid: Pacific/Midway
    tzid: Pacific/Wake
Uruguay (UY)
    tzid: America/Montevideo
Uzbekistan (UZ)
    tzid: Asia/Samarkand
    tzid: Asia/Tashkent
Vanuatu (VU)
    tzid: Pacific/Efate
Vatican (VA)
    tzid: Europe/Vatican
Venezuela (VE)
    tzid: America/Caracas
Vietnam (VN)
    tzid: Asia/Saigon
Wallis and Futuna (WF)
    tzid: Pacific/Wallis
Western Sahara (EH)
    tzid: Africa/El_Aaiun
World (001)
    tzid: Etc/GMT
        alias: Etc/GMT-0
        alias: Etc/GMT+0
        alias: Etc/GMT0
        alias: Etc/Greenwich
        alias: Etc/UCT
        alias: Etc/Universal
        alias: Etc/UTC
        alias: Etc/Zulu
        alias: GMT
        alias: GMT-0
        alias: GMT+0
        alias: GMT0
        alias: Greenwich
        alias: UCT
        alias: Universal
        alias: UTC
        alias: Zulu
    tzid: Etc/GMT-1
    tzid: Etc/GMT-2
    tzid: Etc/GMT-3
    tzid: Etc/GMT-4
    tzid: Etc/GMT-5
    tzid: Etc/GMT-6
    tzid: Etc/GMT-7
    tzid: Etc/GMT-8
    tzid: Etc/GMT-9
    tzid: Etc/GMT-10
    tzid: Etc/GMT-11
    tzid: Etc/GMT-12
    tzid: Etc/GMT-13
    tzid: Etc/GMT-14
    tzid: Etc/GMT+1
    tzid: Etc/GMT+2
    tzid: Etc/GMT+3
    tzid: Etc/GMT+4
    tzid: Etc/GMT+5
    tzid: Etc/GMT+6
    tzid: Etc/GMT+7
    tzid: Etc/GMT+8
    tzid: Etc/GMT+9
    tzid: Etc/GMT+10
    tzid: Etc/GMT+11
    tzid: Etc/GMT+12
Yemen (YE)
    tzid: Asia/Aden
Zambia (ZM)
    tzid: Africa/Lusaka
Zimbabwe (ZW)
    tzid: Africa/Harare


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Thank you.

This is not a proposal for an authority.

This is a proposal for an iCalendar repository that uses the IETF
iCalendar format used by an increasing number of calendaring applications.

Synching the data can be as simple as a few line cron (batch)
job that runs at some interval. A tool  already exists that converts
from the current TZ format and stores the data in iCalendar format. This
just keeps the now few hundred of calendar applications from
having to compile in static versions. Now if they get an appointment
in the FOO/FEE time zone, they can query a source and find it in a
way that is compatible to the IETF iCalendar format. Currently
all vendors have had to make static snapshots, compile it into
their code and hope.

Mark Davis wrote:
> I am quite leery about this project, having seen a number of other cases
> like this. The IANA charset registry, for example, is a real muddle; for
> example, some of the registered names are not compliant to the very
> specification they are supposed to be registered under, and there is
> near enough information in the registry to verify that the contents of a
> charset matches what is supposed to be registered.
> I'm not sure that people here realize the implications of this proposal.
> means either that all the timezone database identifier updates have to
> funnel through the IANA process, or that the data will get out of sync,
> people won't know which is authoritative; the registry or the database.
> While I do believe that it would be useful to have a more formal
> specification to answer certain issues that implementers need to depend
> at this point I would much rather see a single source. (And the proposed
> specification does not really add any information to what is already
> available.)
> ‎Mark
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>>Doug Royer is not on the time zone mailing list; direct replies
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>>Subject: IANA time zone registration - proposal
>>[This was sent to some IETF mailing lists by me and someone suggested I
> send
>>it to this list also]
>>This is REV -00 of the proposal - comments welcome. Data in in it can
> easily
>>updated. (Like the TZ names updated to latest copy of data)
>>   ----------------------------------------------------
>>A couple of years ago there was talk on the CALSCH mailing list to have an
>>IANA time zone registration process. I have submitted a proposal for that
>>registry to the IETF.
>>A copy can be found at:
>>     http://inet-consulting.com/draft-royer-timezone-registry-00.txt
>>And an HTML version:
>>     http://inet-consulting.com/draft-royer-timezone-registry-00.html
>>I am adding the POLYGON property targeted for the -01 version that has an
>>ADD/DELETE parameter to allow for the optional inclusion of
>>latitude/longitude geographic areas to be included that include (add) and
>>exclude (delete) areas from the time zone geographic region (again from
> the
>>CALSCH mailing list discussions).
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