Vancouver British Columbia Canada Daylight Time Change

Bill Unruh unruh at
Tue Apr 4 18:42:34 UTC 2006

  On Mar 31, 2006 The government of British Columbia has just decided to follow
  the US change

    From a Press release of the Attorney General of BC

> Beginning in 2007, Daylight Saving Time (DST) in most of B.C. will begin
> three weeks earlier, on
> the second Sunday in March - March 11, 2007. The period will end on the
> first Sunday in November - that
> is Nov. 4, 2007. Exceptions will be those areas of the province that have
> historically chosen to observe
> different times for all or part of the year. The Peace River region does
> not observe DST, so its clocks will
> not change. The East Kootenay region observes Mountain Time, and will
> likely continue to synchronize its
> clocks with Alberta.

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