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Sorry to change the subject line mid-thread but we seem to have jumped across the country.

Newfoundland has not made a decision on changes for 2007 yet.
Here is the latest press release which mentions the subject:

I have not seen any announcements yet from Yukon, Northwest Territories, or Nunavut.
I don't know if we should expect the same type of official statutes and timely
press releases that have come from the provincial governments.
However, if all three territories do decide to fall in line, NT_YK could be abandoned in favour of the
"Canada" rule.

BC and Alberta could use the "Canada" rule, however, I won't lose sleep if we stay with Vanc and Edm.
In the end it makes no difference given that the rules are identical.

I think we need to take a close look at the "Winn" rules for Manitoba.
The current rule for the transition from daylight to standard time uses a time of "2:00s".
If I understand the syntax correctly this is the same as "3:00" or "3:00w".
The following three line note appears in the current northamerica tzdata file:

     "# From Paul Eggert (2000-10-02):
      # INMS (2000-09-12) says that, since 1988 at least, Manitoba switches from
      # DST at 03:00 local time.  For now, assume it started in 1987."

The INMS (Institute for National Measurement Standards) web site does indeed show that daylight savings in Manitoba ends at 03:00 CDT.
This "is" an official government web site but it is run by the federal government.
We have to remember that in Canada, daylight savings legislation is the responsibility of the provincial and territorial governments.

Here is a copy of the new official time act from the government of Manitoba web site.
The act indicates that daylight savings ends at 2:00am.
To me, this implies 02:00 CDT and not 02:00 CST.  Would a lawyer interpret it differently?
I could not find a copy of the old act, so I don't know what it used to say.

I did find a news release from the Alberta government dated Oct 17/2005 which states:
"This year, the precise time change occurs at 1:59 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 30 at which time clocks are set back to 1 a.m."
The news release is not an official document but I beginning to wonder if the 03:00 is just a typo on the INMS web site.
Is there anybody from Manitoba on this mailing list?
Is there any information other than the INMS web site that indicates Manitoba ever switched the clock at 3:00am?


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Thanks for the heads-up.  I noticed this independently but your reference
is better.

> If possible, can the appropriate changes be squeezed into 2006c?

Didn't quite make it, sorry.  It should be in the next version though.

> I think it makes sense to start using the existing "Canada" rules
> which have already been updated instead of creating more "Vanc"
> rules.

Could be, since people are falling into line so quickly.  I guess
we should do the same for Winn and Edm rules as well?  And NT_YK?

What about Newfoundland?

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