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Paul Eggert wrote: 

	"Olson, Arthur David \(NIH/NCI\) [E]" <olsona at dc37a.nci.nih.gov>
<mailto:olsona at dc37a.nci.nih.gov>  writes:

		I have read at several websites about there being time
zone area polygon
		lists. For example a file called New_Yok.geo.

	That'd be news to me.  Good news.  Can you give URLs for this?
	I just now Googled for New_York.geo, but all I found was Doug
	expired draft proposal for a registry for such data
<http://ietfreport.isoc.org/idref/draft-royer-timezone-registry/> .  As
	far as I know, this has not been implemented.  I have seen
	recommendations for a time zone service that might contain the
	you're talking about
endationsv1.0.pdf> ,
	once it gets implemented.

The item google gave you is the site that I heard about it.


		So can you please direct me to where I can download the
timezone area

	Some timezone area data is mentioned under "Time zone
boundaries" in
<http://www.twinsun.com/tz/tz-link.htm> .  You can look there, but I
	suspect it won't be exactly what you want.

The only one that looks to have potential was the link to
On that site they have a link to a TZ boundary database
But that link keeps timing out. i did a search for the file itself under
google, and the two "mirrors" for it are down as well.

Do you happen to know how to get this file?

Thanks in advance.


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