C#/VB.NET PublicDomain Olson Time Zone Database Implementation

Kevin hellosticky at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 21:55:24 UTC 2007


I created a fully Public Domain .NET library which implements the
Olson time zone database for .NET applications. The package is called
PublicDomain and the source, binaries, and documentation are available
at http://www.codeplex.com/PublicDomain. Olson time zone database
support is just one part of a larger package of various pieces of
public domain code. The package was written from scratch in C# and
includes an objectified form of the olson time zone database (because
we all know how fun it is to analyze the raw, obfuscated data). I also
created a variety of unit and regression tests.

The implementation used to be quite experimental, but now it has gone
through a bit of usage and appears to be getting quite solid. I also
wrote an article on codeproject discussing a simple use case of using
the package (http://www.codeproject.com/useritems/Using_time_zones_in_NET.asp).

I would appreciate it if you included a description of this package
for those that use .NET, including C#, VB.NET, etc. on the Olson Time
zone database home page (http://www.twinsun.com/tz/tz-link.htm) --
using some form of less verbose description than mine above :-).


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