Argentina adopts DST again

Paul Eggert eggert at CS.UCLA.EDU
Sun Dec 23 02:06:59 UTC 2007

Thanks for the heads-up.  For lack of better info I'll propose a patch
soon that will guess that the future rules are from the 1st Sunday in
October to the 3rd Sunday in March, like this:

Rule	Arg	2007	only	-	Dec	30	0:00	1:00	S
Rule	Arg	2008	max	-	Mar	Sun>=15	0:00	0	-
Rule	Arg	2008	max	-	Oct	Sun>=1	0:00	1:00	S

Like Brazil, this is just a guess, it's more likely than their not
having daylight-saving at all (until the government changes

The Buenos Aires Herald editorialized today, in

"The most striking element in the new package is the return of
daylight saving time - a move which in the past has done very much
more to cause problems than to offer magic solutions but which is
certainly worth trying."

The editorial also said that the measure needs to be legislated by
Congress next week.  A nice Christmas present for everybody concerned,
I'll bet.

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